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Conservatoire de Lille, Professional Cycle, April-May 2019 •
Conservatoire de Lille, Professional Cycle, April-May 2019 •
Conservatoire de Lille, Professional Cycle, April-May 2019 •

Scenic research project bringing together a group of young dancers, singers, actors and instrumentalists specially selected for the occasion.

How can we find dramaturgical material that can be a creative impulse for actors, musicians and dancers at the same time? What are the common denominators of these different practices? Rhythm, form, matter, phrasing and listening are common principles to these three arts. They allowed us to explore the theater in all its musicality, the dramaticity of dance and the movement of music in space.

We sought fertile common ground to expand our experiences and share our tools, choosing to work on the accidents of language, the difficulty of communicating and the expressive power that this difficulty can produce on a body acting in space.

Several research labs emerged, each bringing together heterogeneous groups, from duets to choirs who worked on text, musical pieces or choreographic impulses.

“X: (...) I don’t know...
Y: Neither do I...
X: You don’t what?
Y: Nothing... nothing.
X: ah... ”

- Marcus Borja


Texts by Samuel Beckett, Marcus Borja, Léonore Confino, Patrick Kermann, Ghérasim Luca and Jacques Rebotier.

Music by Pierre Certon, Frédéric Chopin, Pink Martini et China Forbes, Claudio Monteverdi, Pierre Passereau.

Supervision, staging and musical direction: Marcus Borja
Assistant director: Anne-Sophie Goubet

Lucille Bailly-Gourevitch, Farid Benchoubane, Mathias Deram, Étiene Dingeon, Camille Harrach, Melki Izzouzi, Wendy Kouhen, Anna Maillet-Miroslaw, Théophile Parent, Juliette Nemeth and Native Joseph

© Photo credit: Lucas Ennebeck