Created in 2022, on August 6th, 7th, 9th, and 11th,
during the 24èmes Rencontres Internationales de Théâtre en Corse – l’Aria
(24th International Theater Meetings in Corsica – Aria)

A play mix between tragedy and domestic drama.

Inspired by the Greek myth of Althea, queen of Calydon, wife of Oeneas and mother of Meleager and Deianira, this text, especially written for the 2022 International Theater Meeting in Corsica – Aria, is a weaving of feminine voices, dating back to several generations. Their voices sometimes intertwine and some other times collide.

Their timeless voices denounce as they speak, each in its own style, burned existences and fading lives, before even they blossomed. This story, carried to the Corsican mountains, looks with one eye at the great ancient tragedies, and with the other at the intimate dramas of anonymous families where catastrophe explodes, suffocated by the fear of reprisals and the unconceivable weariness of lifelessness and oppression.

That same tension nourishes the characters and plot. We play death again and again to breathe life on stage. Besides, the action starts with a funeral…


Text, staging and musical directing: Marcus BORJA
Musician on stage: Matthieu Rauchvarger
Costumes: Cécile Eliche et Lucie Patarozzi, assistées de Morgane Mouysset
Lighting: Quentin Modet
Sound: Haldan de Vulpillières
Scenography: Sabrina Durbano
Technical direction: Sébastien Sidaner

© Photos : Barthé Lumen

Lindsay Barralon, Francesca Bartolomeo, Roxana Carrara, Marie-Pierre Delœil, Zoé Fairey, Violaine Gorgeu, Zobert Houmeur, Charlie Mazet, Suzon Mezière, Sarah Ouazana, Maïwenn Piccioli, Tristan Sicard, Nastassia Silve

Special thanks to Serge Nicolaï, Marie-Laure Poveda, Céline Garcia, Santu Massiani, Charlotte Arrighi de Casanova, and Sophie Canet.