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Chantiers Nomades / Le Maillon – European Scene •
Chantiers Nomades / Le Maillon – European Scene •
Chantiers Nomades / Le Maillon – European Scene •

I’m beginning to understand – The workshop under the poetic gaze of Gaspard Liberelle

Professional internship approved by AFDAS
20 participants, 96 hours
From November 28th to December 10th, 2022

This workshop is mainly intended for performing artists (theater, music, opera, dance, circus, performance, puppetry, etc.), of all nationalities, who wish to develop their listening skills as well as their organic reactivity to the present. Moreover, they would get the chance to test their abilities when in contact with other artistic disciplines.

This project offers a choral, transdisciplinary and multilingual approach to stage creation. The expanded notions of harmony and counterpoint would guide our research and daily exercises, aiming to create complex compositions that involve text, voice, sound, gesture, movement and space.

“Chantiers Nomades is a structure dedicated to research and continuous training for professional artists. It offers each year around twenty workshops based on the transmission of know-how. In those trainings, research tools and processes are defined, explored and shared, allowing each person to continue their journey at the heart of the various disciplines explored.
It is an opportunity for artists to have a critical, prospective, intimate and collective reflection on their practice. Therefore, they would actively and concretely have the time and space for the questions they usually postpone in the urge of their professional artistic practices.
Chantiers Nomades allows artists to train at the very heart of current contemporary creation by questioning new aesthetics, forms and writings… Moreover, they would put them into perspective with the state of the disciplines related to entertainment (other artistic fields, human and fundamental sciences, etc.). It is also an opportunity to create and maintain a culture of training and research within the territories, to promote the mobility and diversity of artists in terms of generations and backgrounds. As a part of decentralization, these projects are spread across the entire national territory in collaboration with local authorities and artistic creation and distribution structures.”


© Photos : Gaspard Liberelle, Nathalie Rizzardo