"Never more to use the breastplate of silence nor the armor of words. Man will sit at the table with a clean eye because truth will be served before dessert."
- Thiago de Mello


Sing. Sing more. Sing together. Sing in every language. Sing to break the silence.

Sing to unite our voices with those who have been silenced and with those who cry out in pain or in mourning. Sing for rights that are so essential that no demonstration should be needed to demand or guarantee them, but instead festivals to celebrate them every day as something we take for granted and intrinsic to every human society. Something inalienable and infinitely shareable.

We are very honored to have been invited to the World Summit of Human Rights Defenders 2018, organized by Amnesty International on October 29, 30 and 31, 2018 in Paris.

Bringing together in 30 languages is a responsibility towards the very thing that guarantees and secures our life on Earth: a deep understanding of an identity that is at once free, multiple and universal.

This sense of identity is increasingly threatened by absolute worldviews whose dangerously simplistic notions veil a deeper contempt for the other. There lies an opportunistic deafness to all that constitutes and defines us as human beings, recognizable in what is different from us, different in what completes and fulfills us.

A world-choir in the heart of Paris. Hearts that are afflicted, frightened and bruised… but still beating.


Concept and spatial installation: Marcus BORJA

© Photo credit: Marcus Borja

Special thanks to
Garance Bono-Dugor, Philippe Riou and Ludmila Facella

Alisson Araújo, Charlotte Avias, Victorine Badiane, Astrid Bayiha, Sophie Canet, Valeria Dafarra, Simon Dusigne, Ludmila Facella, Rachelle Flores, Michèle Frontil, François Gardeil, Lucas Gonzalez, Aurélien Grellier Beker, Lola Gutierrez, Magdalena Ioannidi, Hugo Jasienski, Matilda Kime, Francis Lavainne, Maxime Le Gac-Olanié, Natacha Leytier, Feng Liu, Antoine Maitrias, Carla Magnier, Laurence Masliah, Jean-Max Mayer, Marie Micla, Raphaël Naasz, Laure Nathan, Alexandre Nicot, Julie Noak, Posoula Paleologou, Simon Peretti, Rodrigo Ribeiro Bittes, Monika Rusz, Romaric Séguin, Aurore Soudieux, Hypo Treize, Gabriel Washer, Sophie Zafari.