"I know not who I am, what soul I have.
When I speak with sincerity, I do not know with which sincerity I speak. I am a multiplicity of others than myself, whilst not knowing if this self exists (if it is those others).
I live lives that are foreign to me, as if my being participates, albeit incompletely, in the existences of all men, as a totality of non-selves gathered together in one false self."
- Fernando Pessoa


A poetic and performative gesture of scenic translation.

A monologue-tetralogue. A poetic and performative gesture of scenic translation into flesh and blood of the multiple languages of Fernando Pessoa, the Portuguese poet who could not be contained in a single body or a single soul, but who, through the multiplicity of his restless pen, spilled over into the world.

His own dramaturge, from the dark wings of a lonely theater, Pessoa invented a plethora of dissonant voices who inhabit the world as we do; humans who were born and peeled of the paper and climbed into the real world. We wanted to give body and movement to these figures who lacked only “flesh”. What does this defracted soul have to tell us about our own psyche and about the contradictions of the many souls struggling within us?

In a world seeking desperately for absolutes, prey to a black and white understanding of reality and a continually frustrated quest for a all-saving truth, preferably in the form of a consensual “hero”, delving into the very irreconcilability at the heart of every being is a revolutionary act.

Embracing madness so as not to succumb to it.


Credits in progress… 

Texts by Fernando Pessoa
Translated, adapted, staged and performed by Marcus Borja
On an original idea of Ada Luana
Music: Heitor Villa-Lobos; candomblé chants and percussions
Artistic collaboration: Alexandra Moreira da Silva
Candomblé consulting and choreography: Alisson Araújo
Lights and video: Gabriele Smiriglia
Body work (acrobatics): Jérôme Aubert

© Photo credit: Diego Bresani